- Introduction -

Welcome to the Game Design portfolio of Danny Johnson. You can browse through the various posts for projects in the Post summary to the right. Some of the work uses existing properties for a basis, but I have then created a unique design in the spirit of that game. All work has been created by me unless otherwise noted. You can also visit my game design blog or view my resume.


Sample Design Doc

Here is the Design Document (PDF format) I created based off the Challenge I wrote about previously. Sorry, but the MS Word version does not turn out correctly when saved from Open Office.

I wanted to make a document for a game that would be possible to create while still having unique concepts that would make it worth developing. I by no means expect this design to ever be used, rather it served as good practice. Be aware that it is indeed a sample and does not contain all of the details for every system in the game. For example, I don't mention every level or every weapon as this would balloon the document to unnecessary lengths for my purposes. The terminology used is also intentionally generic as I didn't bother to create the cool sounding marketable terms for the weapons and such, since that stuff would be added later.

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