- Introduction -

Welcome to the Game Design portfolio of Danny Johnson. You can browse through the various posts for projects in the Post summary to the right. Some of the work uses existing properties for a basis, but I have then created a unique design in the spirit of that game. All work has been created by me unless otherwise noted. You can also visit my game design blog or view my resume.


Challenge (Visuals)

The Challenge:
Make a level in Unreal that is visually impressive. Time limit is three days. Additional time is given for cleanup and bug fixes.

The Point:
To show that I can make good looking and well designed levels.

The Design:
I am making a level inspired by Blade Runner that will feature alleyways and a street scene. I am going to be using existing pieces in Unreal so that I can focus on making the level rather than constructing new pieces. I will be doing all layout, lighting, and texture placement.


You can find the walkthrough of the level here.

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